What is this all about…


Beauty is changing… For the Love of Skin is a place where anyone who is longing to use healthier and kinder cosmetics can come and explore. Having worked in the cosmetic industry for a number of years, it can be often mind boggling and misleading. I’m here to help make this journey hopefully a little easier and I know, for me and the many people I have given advice to so far, we have found going down a more natural ingredients avenue has been the best decision in the world!

So I would love for you to join me and we can become passionate together about living the  green life in this amazing world!

A little about me… my name is Kayleigh and I live in the bright lights of London. I have a big weakness for all things cosmetics, especially skincare. Spending hours researching and trying new products, forever finding that ever so perfect beauty routine. You can often find me spending too much time daydreaming, trying to explore the world, saving every plant I come across by turning our lounge into our very own secret garden and attempting to watch every film ever made.