O.Moi – Eye Roll, Soothing Oil and Neroli Face Cream…

There is no trick here, O.Moi is much more of a treat for your skin. All run by the expertly qualified Kristele Sun, the blue bottles are undeniably recognisable and sit so perfectly together in my bathroom.

I am always on the look out for new skincare, forever on that quest to find the perfect juice that’s going to solve all my skin problems. Now I am not someone to say that any product will appear you have wake up ten years younger but there are definitely some that help halt this aging process.

I love trying out new, smaller companies as I find it really exciting and have been using this brand for over a month now (products still going strong).

Carrott + E Eye Oil – This little guy’s design was so great. Believe it or not I have never used a roll on oil/cream/gel and have really loved this aspect. It feels really soothing and comes out with the perfect amount to then just pat into the skin.

Key ingredients – Beta-carotene (from carrot seed oil), vit e, lavender, lemon + almond oils…

Having the blend of precious plant oils their antioxidant powers seems to have really nourished my eye area. I always wake up with puffy under eyes but I feel this has definitely helped. So far so good and it seems to work really well for my skin so I am more than happy to keep using it as part of my night time routine.

Soothing Face Oil – I am a big fan of oils, especially in the winter times as I find them super healing against the elements and also the damage of central heating. My only thing is I never want them to feel crazy heavy or for them to clog up my pores, which some can do.

Key ingredients – peach kernals, jojoba oils, sweet orange, geranium and frankinsense essential oils… 

I found this oil a pretty good consistency and although does not absorb straight away, it equally does not sit on your skin for a lifetime or feel overly greasy. The directions for use are a little lengthy, with all good intentions of ensuring your wellbeing and almost giving yourself a very mini facial massage but sometimes I just wanted to pop it on super quick and jump into bed. Also when I exfoliate sometimes my skin doesn’t want anything too scented or intense and this oil was perfect for a soothing nourishment.

Neroli Face Oil – I sometimes used this in the morning and night but occasionally just the latter. I worked out that It worked great all over for an evening routine but having the most annoying combination skin, depending if I wanted to risk it on the day I would possibly use it in the morning everywhere but not my nose or chin (never ever do I skip a moisturiser but I would use a different one for there). Although I hope I haven’t made it sound super heavy because it definitely isn’t, my skin can just be super temperamental .

Key ingredients – Vit a + e, camellia seeds oil, aloe vera… of course also Neroli essential oil… 

Overall throughout the day my skin stays hydrated, much more than with some other moisturisers have done. I always used it with an oil under it, so no doubt this helped a little, it takes a whole team to run the show, but I feel like it could definitely be worn on it’s own if you wanted something a little lighter.

I have been super impressed by this brand so far! It is always a gamble when trying a new company let alone one that is relatively new, however this has been really great personally. My skin feels super cared for, calm and the scents of the products are lovely – not over powering fake fragrance, which can be so irritating mentally and physically. Also as the bottles are made of glass and not plastic so this is a massive win for me!

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