Shea Glo – Minted Heel Balm & Orange Soufflé Hand and Body Butter…

Feet… cooped up in shoes all winter, with no extra care, then out and about for the world to see in the summer. I am incredibly guilty of leaving mine to defend for themselves, then expect them not to be an absolute mess when I have to don this years sandals.

I suffer quite a lot with cracked and dry feet (which I found out is more due to bad circulation – the joys) so have been told to moisturise my heels to stop it from happening. I came across Shea Glo and their ‘Minted Heel Balm’ and definitely wanted to give it a try.

Key ingredients – peppermint oil, shea butter, unrefined coconut oil, avocado oil, eucalyptus oil, cera alba (not vegan ingredient). 

If I wanted a little rehydration I would just pop a little on after my shower – obviously with the ingredients you can see above, it is not something that is instantly going to absorb so if I wanted to do the full works I would do apply it in the evening and (as I learned in beauty therapy) popped some cling film all around, . You can buy heated boots and also can use socks if you prefer obviously and this is a lot more earth friendly, which is something I am definitely going to look into buying. Anyway you can leave it over night, as explained in the instructions.

I really love the refreshing peppermint smell, its amazing and really great for the feet! The product comes as a solid but melts immediately once massaged onto skin.

The outcome? I really loved it for moisturising my feet and they felt super nourished after using it. The only downside to me would be that it takes so long to absorb but obviously being a balm this was always going to be the case and that’s why I would use it more as a treatment and for a weekly tlc.

Orange soufflé hand & body butter 

key ingredients – Shea butter, sweet orange, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil, unrefined coconut oil, vanilla planifolia extract. 

I do not automatically reach for a body butter as I cannot stand the feeling of putting clothes onto sticky skin (I think it stems from my early fake tan days and being sticky for hours eww). However, although I have used this all over, I have been putting it mainly on the parts of my body which seem to get super dry – elbows, hands, chest etc… Again I really love the fresh citrus scent from this product!

It has really helped on those areas and for my hands, I have been using it at night time when I go to sleep after my skincare routine. It feels quite heavy when you first apply it but after a little while it sinks in and you only need a small bit as by massaging it you can get it to much further.

Overall this brand is only at its very beginning but I am sure it will continue to grow as the products are really lovely and the I love supporting a small business. I have really loved using both products and their smells are so lovely! They are inspired by Africa and all hand crafted ❤


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