BYBI – Supercharge Serum…

BYBI is founded by Elsie & Dominika, who if you are familiar with Clean Beauty Co, their names will definitely ring a bell. I remember going to their demonstration at an event in Shoreditch called Fare Healthy, where we made all natural face masks. These are two women who definitely know their stuff when it comes to beauty so I had no hesitation in trying out one of BYBI’s products.

This serum on paper sounded pretty darn great – 100% natural and 18 antioxidant-rich oils that are fast absorbing and super powerful in aiding your skin to be bright, have a more even tone and repaired from damage.

Key ingredients – Squalane, camellia, prickly pear, jasmine, watermelon seed although as mentioned there are 18 so I could easily keep going… 

As you can imagine these are super high in all sorts of goodness for your skin including Vitamin A, C & E, which are like drops of healing gold, while also helping speed up cell turnover (who doesn’t want fresh and bright skin?).

  I am not going to lie I was slightly dubious about using this product day and night, mainly as oil based skincare has always been an evening thing for me. I wear make-up and would prefer it not to resemble being in sweltering 40 degree tropical heat, nice and shiny style. However they seemed pretty adamant it was fast absorbing and could even be used as a primer – mind blown, how is this possible with an oil.

 So I made sure in the day time I only used 3 drops, as the directions explained and true to their word it spread really evenly and absorbed to a level where I looked dewy, while I felt continuing this through my foundation. It is worth me definitely telling you as I have combination skin my nose/chin area are a pain in the, well you know and I didn’t always put the oil over this area but they do say its absolutely fine to do so.

Night time I would actually use a drop or so more, just because I really love that soothing feeling of my skin being well and truly nourished after a long day. I have, as you would with all serums, used a day and night time moisturiser as well.

The fragrance is super fresh, which I would probably put down to the watermelon and lemon grass but it could be combination of many beautiful ingredients.

Overall I have noticed a massive difference since I have started to use this product. Please note I also started using a different evening moisturise from (which I will be reviewing shortly), at the same time so it could be the combination of the two but as I have been using the serum twice a day it definitely would have had more of an impact. I have noticed my skin has more a glow to it, my make up is sitting so much better and my skin tone seems to have evened out. Now I am not going to say you’ll look like the utterly beautiful but never aging Kate Beckinsale but as far as skin care goes this one for me has been a 10/10 winner.


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