O&M Fine Intellect Conditioner & Seven Day Miracle Moisture Hair Masque…

The task of finding good hair products in the natural world, if you haven’t started yet let me tell you its a mission and a half. Without those nasty chemicals such a silica making your hair feel super smooth (even if it is all lies), suddenly your hair has to adjust to a whole different ball game.

For quite a while I was using a John Master’s conditioner but then wanted to try something else as my hair really felt like it needed a little more nourishment. I was recommended this brand by my old hair dresser, so thought I would give them a go. It is worth noting that this is a clean beauty brand but not 100% natural brand, so they will use synthetic aspects where they cannot be replaced by natural ingredients but they are never harmful to you – similar to REN skincare.

Fine Intellect conditioner – Firstly a couple of ingredients I want to highlight are PEG’s and fragrance/perfume. Definitely not great but also not the worst I have come across in a list. As always I have been through the list and nothing else jumps out at me as being a nasty.

Key ingredients – keratin & rice protein, native Australian rainforest extracts such as lemon aspen. 

Make sure before you put this on you really, really squeeze out any excess water from your hair before applying otherwise it will become super watered down. Then with my tangle teezer brush it on through from the pony tail downwards and often leave it on while I washed my face and body etc. Not sure if this makes any sort of impact but I felt it did 🙂

Overall I have enjoyed using this product and feel I have noticed my hair has become softer since I started. I am not too happy about the couple of ingredients that ideally would not be there but I also know it is hard to make a hair product have proven good results so can see why they have done some synthetic ingredients. Why companies cannot use natural fragrance is so frustrating though.

Seven Day Miracle Moisture Hair Masque – My hair 100% needs and loves a treatment, it is just not enough to use a conditioner (years of hair dying to thank). So it seemed good to pair it up with the Fine Intellect Conditioner.

Key ingredients – macadamia seed oil and cold pressed organic argan oil.

The bottle was literally impossible, (hence the squished look in the picture – it is not actually meant to look anything like this), to squeeze, which made it so irritating with wet hands.

Anyway back to the product… I would leave this on for about 15 minutes then wash it off and follow with your conditioner. I found this mask pretty good and my hair would be so much easier to deal with especially when wet. It felt a lot more conditioned and I was really happy with the product. However the downside? I had to use quite a bit and as the bottle is only 250ml and £27 I am not sure I felt like I got value for money.

I am onto a different brand right now but I would use Organic Mineral again especially as they are sold in places like Space NK which makes it more assessable. Ideally I want to use products that have absolutely no nasties in but my hair is so fly away crazy that sometimes a clean brand such as these guys will have to do. The conditioner as well seems to last me a really long time as you only need a little bit and I feel that my hair has become so much less split at the ends – absolute WIN!

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