Exfoliating – what, why, when and how much – it can indeed be confusing…

Exfoliators – there are ones that are masks turning into scrubs, ones that go from an oil to a milk, those that are just good old school types and the list goes on… There are also different categories of people when it comes to exfoliating and many aren’t really sure of what to use, how much pressure to apply and how often… it can be a minefield figuring it all out.

  1. You will get some people who insist on exfoliating every single damn day but unless you are using something like a balm that has a very gentle grain included, I am not really too sure I would advise anyone to do it this often – there really is no need.
  2. Then you get the group of people that scrub till they are red raw (ouch!). A personal preference but you could cause a small amount of damage (sometimes it can cause small red capillaries to burst). Obviously most products are going to cause a small level of redness and that is absolutely fine but you don’t want to end up looking as if you have a bad case of sun burn.
  3. Lastly the people who just completely miss this out of their skincare routine and avoid it like the plague. However, exfoliating has so many benefits for your skin! A few of these being removing dead skin calls, encouraging blood flow and new cells to regenerate.

I have tried out three brands, which have different types of exfoliators and jotted down my thoughts on them.

Laidbare – Scrub a Dub Dub Daily Face and Body Exfoliator 

Key ingredients – Corn Powder, Grapefruit Seed Extract and Green Tea

How’d it go – The consistency is quite runny so be careful not to squeeze super hard. The hard ‘bits’ are almost like really tiny stones, so the first time I went to use it I was slightly worried about how rough it would be on my skin. I just didn’t press too hard when massaging it and it was actually fine! Also as the exfoliating bits are slightly harder it works great for using on your slightly tougher skin for example your legs. After use it would leave my skin feeling really refreshed. If you have really sensitive skin though I am not sure I would go for this one purely based on this, however I have enjoyed using this and at £6.99 you cannot complain.

Madara – Oil to Milk Scrub 

Key ingredients – Apricot and oat oils, natural volcanic sand

How’d it go – I really enjoyed using this product! My skin afterwards felt super soft (I find this quite common with an oat based ingredient). To use this product you firstly massage onto dry skin, add a splash of water to melt the oil and voila you get a little milky product, which you rinse off. The first time I used it I got overly confused ‘so what do I do first, ok add the water after’ sort of way – kept having to repeat it to myself. Having tiny natural wax beads, which help to exfoliate and keep it quite gentle on your skin. It is the most expensive one out of the three but Madara is normally a pretty reliable brand. the texture is more of a thin gel and the fragrance is super light and refreshing.  I would buy this product again but at £24.99 a go and them advising 2-3 times a week I could imagine it not lasting too long.

Kale Enzymatic Exfoliator

Key ingredients – Kale and pomegranate, probiotics

How’d it go – This one is a little odd for me to be completely honest. The first time I used it I really hated the smell and couldn’t wait to wash it off (for exfoliation you have to leave it on for 5 minutes) – I kind of avoided touching it after this for a little while. I have gone back another time for the purpose of this review to give the product a fair chance. This time for some completely unknown reason, the smell was no where near as bad as I remember it the first time and I actually did not mind it. However, unfortunately I still wasn’t sold on it. Couple of reasons being how it made my skin feel. My cheek area tingled/stung quite a bit, which I completely understand this might have been the whole idea of the product so it removes all those dead skin cells to reveal beautiful new ones but I just didn’t warm to the feeling. I also wasn’t left feeling wowed with the results 😦 I will of course continue to use the product (absolutely hate waste) and if my thoughts change, I will of course up date this review. It is also worth noting you can use this product in two other ways 1. a facial and 2. a daily cleanser.

Anyway what is one persons hatred is another persons love, so if this sounds like something you normally rave about then definitely give it a go, at £18 its not too expensive either but I did find myself using quite a lot in one go.

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