Weleda – Skin Food

Surely if Adele and Mrs Beckham are number one fans of Weleda’s Skin Food, then surely you can’t go wrong. Well that’s if what I have read is true but it is probably more reliable to go on the hundreds of reviews on the internet.

I received a small version of this product in a natural beauty box and it wasn’t until we had the dreaded beast from the east, that my skin was in dyer need of an intense hit of care that I thought let’s give this a go. My hesitation of not using the cream straight away is being slightly dubious of how heavy it might be on my skin but this seemed as good a time as any.

Now, I am not going to lie this product is pretty darn thick and does not immediately sink in straight away, while also leaving a very slight white sheen. You can feel as soon as you start to apply it to the skin that the consistency might not be what you are used to (if you don’t go for an thicker cream). For this reason I only used it at night time so it could sink in while I sleep as I don’t think my make up would sit particularly well on top.

Reason it is called skin food? Just take look at these ingredients:

  • Contains chamomile,
  • calendula (a Mediterranean marigold flower),
  • wild pansy
  • Blend of enriching oils (including peanut, almond and lanolin)
  • waxes (to create a fine protective barrier from the elements)

For me, it saved my skin when it when the ice cold wind was lashing me and the heating was wacked up to full but I couldn’t use it everyday as it was just too heavy. However you can use this cream anywhere on your hands, feet, face and body so if you ended up with cracked heels or dry elbows I have no doubt it would be great at healing these as well as any other extremely dry skin conditions and is super gentle.


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