Colour Organics Shampoo…

I found switching from chemical based shampoos to natural was quite tough going for my hair, although it probably didn’t help that I started being a blonde again around the same time. Maybe it is because unlike the ones with all the nasties in, these cannot advertise your hair as being super silky when they have just put silica in and now you are literally down to natures own gifts to tame the mane.

I knew I wanted a protein based one as I was struggling with slight hair breakage and I really wanted to build strength in the strands.

Taken from the company  website itself:

Colour systems ‘uses certified organic natural sunflower seed extract and natural extracts of lemon, apple and green tea, along with wheat protein and vitamin B5 to add strength and volume to weak hair.‘ Ingredients wise have a look below:

  • Organic natural sunflower seed
  • Natural extracts of lemon
  • Apple & green tea
  • Wheat Protein
  • Vitamin B5 (adding strength and volume)
  • 100% Black raspberry & vanilla fragrance

The salon I go to actually uses the same brand to lighten my hair and if you are going to purchase anything from this company, you can only buy it from a salon that stocks it. I have always found there are lots of places though so not to worry.

I have been using this shampoo for a couple of years now and definitely notice a difference – mainly my hair is a lot stronger and far less split ends. However, this has come at a slight cost, my hair is not shiny or really very smooth (of course there is no nasties to coat the strands, such as silicone, and make them appear healthy when really they are not- its basically like cling filming every piece of hair).

To combat this I ensure I use a really good conditioner and try (definitely try and mean to but sometimes going out to the bar maybe slightly more exciting 🙂 ) to do a hair mask once a week!

If you struggle to get your hair to grow, have those pesky split ends or would just like to make it stronger especially after damage has been caused I would recommend this shampoo. Hopefully a salon near you will stock it though as it cannot be brought online… a massive annoying downside! Oh and I almost forgot price wise it costs £11.50, which in the grand scheme is not too horrendous and the whole range is reasonably priced!

**If you struggle to find brand, I have also been using another shampoo which I will review once I have finished my first bottle!**



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