Laidbare – Working 9-5 Moisturiser…

Laidbare is an affordable, natural skincare brand – their prices are AMAZING! I have used their Pack Your Bags eye cream and the Scrub a Dub Dub exfoliator – both I loved and it shows you that you do not have to spend big to get big results. However I didn’t seem to get on quite as well with this cream unfortunately.

A quick over view of what’s inside the product itself:

  • Gota Kola Extract (Stimulates collagen production)
  • Iceland Moss Extract (Anti-aging)
  • Rose water (to calm & soften) 
  • Cassis Angustifolia Seed Polysaccharide (Phew such a long name… (considered a natural version of Hyaluronic acid by it attracting water) 

Now, the list above is a great collection and I love seeing some new little ingredients on there that I haven’t seen before. On paper my skin should has lapped this cream up and absolutely loved it but unfortunately it just wasn’t hydrating enough for me. As they say one size does not fit all and what might not work for one person, might work for another.

Personally I felt like it absorbed so quickly that I had to put another layer on after or my make up would sit entirely correct. There is a big but though… I would recommend this product for someone who hates that moisturiser sticky feel on their skin (some of my friends included) and for people who do not need a huge amount of hydration but what to look after their skin and use something. Plus it is only £7.99 so if you like that sound of everything above and would like to see if it would work for you, it is only costing a few pennies.

I never normally write up blog posts about products that do not work for me (I am not here to bad mouth companies in a massively negative way) but I know this will be great for people who want something different from their skincare so felt it was still worth writing up.

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