Vegan Nights Ldn – The best Thursday night plans…

Coming across Vegan Nights on Instagram, together with my love of hunting out the best vegan food in London, I bought a ticket quicker than you can say the words ‘plant based’.

The event is on the first Thursday evening of every month and each time it switches up the vendors so, however many times you may go, you should always be able to try new and exciting foods as well as some vegan beauty companies.

Inside includes main bar, DJ & more food stands…

The night we went it was one of the many hot days we had this summer so we could enjoy sitting outside and enjoy the chilled atmosphere…

ST .jpg

Now for the best bit… the food (and yes I ate so much I felt I might burst!).  Although it is extremely difficult to resist when you are completely spoilt with choice and can eat absolutely everything..

The Feel Good Café

To begin – The Feel Good Café… I could not resist this sausage roll! They will always be one of my favourite foods and this one was probably the best I have since no longer eating meat. I would 100% recommend them if you miss these guys as much as I do!

Pig Out hotdogs – incredible!!

The Pig Out hot dog above was the best thing I ate all night!! Had mac’n’cheese together with crispy onion bits on top and it was utterly amazing. I was enjoying every mouthful of this until I unfortunately had to reluctantly halve this with someone –  as I kept telling myself it’s only fair to share…

Jake’s Vegan Steaks 

Jake’s Vegan Steaks – its hard to say about this one, as by this point I was so full and I think this tipped me over the edge to feeling rather sick, so I had to give quite a bit away. Eye’s bigger than my belly sitch for definite!

However, as we all know there is always the separate stomach for dessert! After some research before coming, I knew I had to go for Charlie’s Brownies – feast your eyes below:


Expensive yes… given that they had to bring them all the way from the U-S of A, I will let them off. Plain and simple, it tasted just as good as it looked.

I could not recommend Vegan Nights more, it is such a fun night and is an evening of eating amazing food, having some drinks together with good tunes playing. So, it is their 1 year old birthday and I have no doubt they will have many more to celebrate!


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