Maltese vegan food ventures…

Everyone told me I would struggle with finding food and that wasn’t a complete lie. Luckily after some research I found a few places I could eat… Whenever I travel anywhere now I always have a little look online at peoples experiences/food so thought I would equally do my little bit to help…

Malta travels.jpg
Upper Barrakka Gardens – Valletta 

The Chop House – Sliema 

That moment your parents book the wrong restaurant and you turn up to fancy grill. They suddenly realise they have probably picked one of the only places that would not cater for vegan food *insert moments of ‘let’s go somewhere else’ together with you feeling like you may have ruined everyone’s food for the night – it should have all clicked with a name of ‘The Chop House’. However, this is not one of those times I just had to have a bowl of potatoes and bread but instead where the restaurant makes all their food completely fresh and can whip you up your very own vegan menu with no huffs and puffs but just with absolute ease.  Winner!, winner vegan dinner!  

The starter was quite nice – slightly watery due to the tomatoes but I enjoyed it and had added flavour from basil, capers & garlic. I was just happy to eat a starter and it was a refreshing way to begin the meal. This was actually on the menu already so was easy for them do!

Beef tomato tartar 

The main course seasonal risotto is actually on the starter menu but they turned it in a main course for me and as mentioned just before everything is freshly cooked so they did not add the goats cheese or any other dairy ingredients. Now it was so much better than I anticipated and I was just so happy they had truly made an effort to make sure I had a lovely main with lots of veg. Obviously without the goats cheese it tasted ever so slightly bland than it would be normally, but this was always going to be the case and I actually really enjoyed it!


Now I know it is probably not the most comfortable place to eat for some vegans because it is so meaty but if some of your party are not living along the green path it is always good to know places that can be flexible.

The cocktails were pretty good too… not food but deserved to be included… 

Soul Food – Valletta

Now with the hundreds of amazing reviews and feeling SO hungry we went about hunting this place down. Greeted with a smile we sat ourselves on one of the outside tables. Knowing we had a big meal in the evening it called for sharing (It is worth noting this is a rarity for me – I never normally share food!! 🙂 )

The buddha bowl may not be the most photogenic little dish but it tasted so much better than it looked! I really loved it, the bread was utterly amazing and I was a little sad when it was all over…

Buddha bowl

Cakes wise, they weren’t entirely what I thought would arrive at our table and if I am completely honest I wasn’t too keen on the carrot cake but when you popped it on the same fork as the chocolate cake, it actually made it more appealing to me and worked well! The cost of the cakes were slightly expensive for what arrived but we all know that the raw food business always ends up being costly.

Raw carrott cake & chocolate cake
Raw Carrot cake & Chocolate cake

I would definitely recommend this little café if you are venturing about beautiful Valletta and are in need of some lunch! They have a wider range of food on the menu such as burgers and soups etc.

Overall, I think veganism is on the up in Malta (hooray) and although we struggled at some points the people are so lovely and will try and accommodate you the best they can. I had to ask quite a few times if I could have my dish without this. that and the other, to which I was never told no – it seemed everything was homemade then and there. What you will notice is a lot of vegan/vegetarian restaurants also serve meat so be careful when looking at the menu as it might be more chicken than ‘chick’n’.

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