Evolve – Hyaluronic Serum 200…

Hyaluronic acid seems to be the skin care ingredient of the moment; it is being advertised as a bright shining star. In truth, this is not a fad but something that has always been a powerful anti-ageing ingredient and super hydrating. 

Get this for a fact: one gram of hyaluronic acid can hold up to 6 litres of water! Now you can probably see why people obsess over this molecule…

I have used a few products from the Evolve Organic Beauty Range and really enjoyed using them so, when I was in desperate need of a serum as well as wanting to halt the ageing clock, I thought I would give this one ago.

I found you only needed one pump per application and it is super easy to smooth over your skin, while also absorbing really quickly.

What is great as always with Evolve is their ability to create products with such natural ingredients – 99.37% natural and 35.68% organic. The rest of the list is only a short little number but also includes:

  • Organic pomegranate extracts (to soften & protect)
  • Organic rose water (to fragrance)

To begin with I wasn’t too sure if this product was for me… After using it twice a day, I seemed to get flaky skin in places and it just didn’t feel right. However, I had a small break and went back to the product and now it has been working really great! On the label the directions of use say you can apply morning and night; however, I have been using it just at the latter (seems to work best for me personally). I wake up and my skin does not feel at all dehydrated and I have definitely noticed on the tops of my cheek bones that everything seems a lot smoother. I really believe it is about finding the right skin care routine for you, as you know what they say one dress does not fit all, so if the directions say to use a certain about of times but this doesn’t seem to work for you, then be free to change it up! Also, let’s face it, these products cost quite a few of the old pennies so it would be crazy and not very environmentally friendly to just chuck it right into the bin.

I have no idea why my skin didn’t agree with it to begin with but I think cutting it down to once a day means that right now it is absolutely loving it, so maybe it was a funny five minutes! The price tag isn’t too obscene at £30 for 30ml and I would highly recommend popping it into your skin care routine.

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