Trilogy – Rosehip Oil & Vital Moisturising Cream…

 When you decide to move to London and you couldn’t have any less of an idea of the ‘best’ area to move to but you turn up on your move day to find a Wholefoods on your corner…winning at life! Although I find the beauty area slightly limited, as 1) it’s a smaller store and 2) they sell the usual brands with a couple of items, it still saves that ‘NOOOOO my cleanser has ended, urghhh’ moment. I always have a couple go to brands for certain skin care items and Trilogy Rosehip Oil is a definite one!

My skin loves this oil and I have combination skin but never feel that it is too much. Obviously it is an oil and not just a moisturiser, so it is not going to absorb within an instant but if you are looking for something, in my opinion, to help with scarring and nourishment, being super gentle at the same time, then I wouldn’t hesitate to get yourself a little version and see how you go… but I don’t think you’ll be returning it anytime soon! (I have also a whole post dedicated to this oil )

Sometimes you are lucky enough to find a mini gift set left on the shelf in Wholefoods before they sell out (it often feels like a scene from the boxing day next sales) but that’s exactly where these minis came from… I bloody love trial sets! In my opinion, more companies should invest in these, as it is such a good starting point without breaking the bank; everyone knows with any skincare company or product, it is trial and error until you hit jackpot.

There were three items in this set but, unfortunately, at this point I only had only used two. The other was a cream cleanser with similar ingredients and very much along the same line.

The Vital Moisturising cream I didn’t wholly dislike, or I wouldn’t have finished it all off, but unfortunately I was slightly left feeling a little meh about it. It just wasn’t enough hydration and nourishment for my skin. Now living in the Big Smoke, I do believe it takes a lot more out of those cells compared to when I lived nearer cleaner air, whilst living a Monday – Friday resembling more of a casual stroll than the rat race.  For now, this cream just wasn’t the whole biscuit, more like half with a few crumbs! However it has got a superb triple main ingredients list – Rosapene, marula and orange flower while also including:

  • Evening primrose oil – great for dull or damaged skin and also helps with regeneration of healthy skin cells.
  • Sweet almond oil – helps regulate moisture levels and PH balance on the skin.

Overall, I have given this quite a negative review but it is worth pointing out that if you do not like a heavy, longer absorption moisturiser but something that has great natural ingredients, this could definitely work for you. Also a 50ml tube will only set you back £25.50 which, if you have been in this green beauty business for a while, will know that is along the more reasonable lines.

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