Struggling to find a eye make-up remover that works? The Green people & Ren battle it out…

Hands up if every time you remove your eye make-up your skin looks like you have used sandpaper combined with a slight stinging situation that ultimately leaves your eyes resembling a extreme case of hay fever. I am fully aware from beauty training that the skin around your eyes is super delicate and the above night time routine would just not do.

I do not wear waterproof mascara so that is one thing to note about my review of these two products but I do have my love of winged liquid liner and full mascara and trust me there are some products that do not cut the mustard and leave me completely panda eyed – not ideal!

Comparing these two products is relatively easy and they are not massively different but I do have a slight favourite.

REN ROSE CENTIFOLIA EXPRESS MAKE-UP REMOVER150ml for £14, can’t complain about that for sure. This white creamy texture was reasonably smooth but I felt like I needed quite a bit of it to take off all of my eye make-up. I always know there will a slight redness and there is no way to get away from this but it was slightly a bit too red for my liking. Overall had a nice scent and did remove everything by the end. Rice Bran oil is a star ingredient in this product and is what helps give it a gliding feel rather than pulling your skin.

GREEN PEOPLE GENTLE CLEANSE AND MAKE-UP REMOVER – one of the big boy companies in the natural skin care world, I would say this is one of the best eye make-up removers I personally have come across. Having spread the product over the cotton pad and holding it against my eye area for just a few seconds before wiping away – it really does remove everything. I am by no means saying there is not slight redness but the many gentle ingredients of Organic AloeVera, Calendula, Shea butter, squalene from olive, jojoba esters and Rose Geranium you can see why it feels really gentle on the area. I have sometimes used as a quick morning cleanser if in a rush and it works perfectly well in this way too.

Overall if I had to pick between the two I think it is pretty obvious I would pick the second one. Both are great options for hand luggage too with under 100ml sizes – woo hoo, no transferring into messy smaller pots for the smallest airport bag that every woman loves!

This was only ever a short review (how much can one write about eye make-up remover before sending people to sleep) but I know from having sensitive eye areas, it can be hard to find something that works for you.

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