The Seasons Are Changing And So Is My Skincare…

I actually love these crisp Winter mornings (we will forget the miserable rainy days for now), however it is not the season to be kind to skin… one minute the central heating is sucking every inch of hydration out of your skin and the next minute you are blasted by arctic winds… Yep winter is always one of those seasons to up my skincare game slightly.

From the days on the good old beauty counter, Winter was the time of year a higher number of women would come to me with skin complaints, even simply struggling to get hydration in or a horrendous October outbreak. All I wanted to do was help and started researching more natural ways to combat their complaints – often a simple tweek for different seasons helped to solve the issue.

Drum roll – I present the skincare helping me through this change between sunny summer to bitter winter (I will try and keep this as short as possible I promise)…

Madara Time Miracle Total Renewal Night Cream (probably slightly too lengthy a name) is fast absorbing but hydrates beautifully and is 79% organic. Sometimes you can’t really argue with statistics and after one night 94% reported more hydrated and smooth skin while after a week this increased to 100%. Key ingredients –

Sea Buckthorn extract is a rich source of plant anti-oxidants, vitamin E, and provitamin A
Red clover extract linked to the formation of collagen fibres in skin
Madara plant rich antioxidents which neutralise 70% of free radicals
Horsetail extract is the richest plant source of mineral silica which renews, heals and tightens skin and the list continues…

Unexpectedly green in colour, I really loved using this cream over my serum and did not feel it was too heavy – So much so, when I ran out of my day cream I just used this on my combination skin instead and it was a perfect stand in!

Grown alchemist Age Repair Eye Cream Eye creams will always be my favourite skincare, I don’t know why I just have such a love affair with them. Personally I have found this Repair Eye Cream great for a number of reasons – Felt moisturising, yet super light enough to pop your makeup over the top. I have used it morning and night, size of a grain of rice split between both eyes using my ring finger (softest finger for the most delicate area). I generally take those ‘this cream will make your skin resemble a new born baby’ selling lines with a pinch of salt, however I honestly felt this cream did deserve a big gold star in the anti aging category. Not forgetting –  I absolutely love the smart ‘adult’ glass packaging too! Let’s break it down…

Soy & centella (improves wound healing and known as ‘the fountain of life’ due to it increasing longevity – reducing those expression lines and wrinkles.

Vitamins A, E and D, which help to reduce appearance of dark circles and puffiness (Clinically proven by 95%).

Grown Alchemist Detox Serum Antioxident+3 Complex  The damage caused by factors out of our control is one of the main causes of aging and generally sad looking skin. Living in a city this is super important to me that I try and stop this from happening. Within this product, tri-peptides and complex antioxidents detoxify the skin by targeting Oxygen free radicals but also Carbon and Nitrogen free radicals.

Now I would note this isn’t a heavy serum and is oil free, however I really loved it. I was slightly nervous at the beginning as it didn’t feel super nourishing when it first went on my skin BUT I started to notice a big big difference when using this product morning and night. I have now put it on my Christmas list as I miss it and was that smooth and hydrated skin again!

Evolve Organic Beauty Gentle Cleansing Melt Last but not least introducing (another sort of) balm cleanser to the mix. This one was slightly different to what I have used before – It felt more like a thick gel that would then melt, similar to a balm but not as oily, when massaged over your skin. I found this product lasted time wise really well and you can definitely smell the (not over powering) vanilla essence – a nice little antioxident. Together with the beautiful Baobob sharing the limelight – super nourishing and extremely high in vitamin C, protein and vitamin A. It is 100% organic and 99% natural, you tell me whats not to love about that! Like all cleansers of this kind I would always try and gently remove with a cloth or wet cotton pads as they are always slightly hard to remove with just water. It left my skin feeling ready for my serum and free from the nasty dirt of the day!

Using all four of these items together, they were a wonderful team for the change of season! I had many compliments (which is absolutely lovely even if I do tend to get highly embarrassed) and I think when a man notices your skin changing you are really onto a winner ey?! Everyone’s experience is different and skincare will always be a case of trial and error but I really felt like I nailed it this time… Finally!

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