Kimberly Sayer – Restore and Anti-aging Cream…

Firms, hydrates and lifts… sometimes it just seems all too easy for skincare companies to write these claims on their packaging. However the proof is always in the pudding – do they actually work?

I have been aware not to start anti-aging skincare too early (it can be too harsh for young skin) but when I hit the mighty 30, suddenly mentally everything changes. Part of me thinks it’s society and the media – or maybe those Instagram filters – but I did have a slight Bridget Jones moment. I know from studying beauty its simply, what you do in your 20’s impacts your 30’s, what you do in your 30’s impacts your 40’s and so on…

I do believe however there are plenty of non aggressive answers that don’t see you looking like you’ve had your skin exfoliated with sand paper. Here is where I decided to give the organic Kimberly Sayer’s Restore and Anti-aging Cream a little try. At £29.50, it is definitely not an obscene price to keep your skin plump and includes non-comedogenic Hawaiian Sea-Algae providing valuable nutrients to the skin while enhancing its own ability to hold moisture.

I used this as a night cream only, they state you can use it under make up but for me it would be far too heavy. Be warned when you apply this all over your face, it will have the same resemblance of Sudocrem, but on the up side you will not over use as you will be there for a while as it absorbs. I found this cream really good – I want to say amazing but I do not feel it went that extra mile to hydrate my skin. However to be fair I was being slightly lazy on the old night time routine and no serum/oil was being used in combination.

The ingredients list is beautifully simple and uncomplicated, making it easy to see all the great ingredients that would help prove its claims – Shea butter, Sweet almond oil, Vitamins A, C and E and lastly Lavender to calm.

I would not hesitate to buy this cream again as I was happy with the results and clearly it has a strong loyal following, which you do not gain through being useless. I just felt I wanted something that perhaps glides a little more over the skin, making me feel super nourished and maybe I am just not ready for a thicker cream just yet.


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