Lyonsleaf 100% natural beauty balm…

When you find that type of cleanser that works for your skin and you are literally terrified if you try another one, say of the foamy variety, your skin will have an absolute melt down – let alone you may as well just rip that money up and throw it out the window.

So for now I am more than happy to keep trundling through the beautiful balm varieties on offer.

Lyonsleaf is run by a couple who are from the beautiful Somerset here in England. From their very own farm and selling from a market stall they began to see success in their venture and with loyalty growing a company was fully born. Through their own journey into natural skincare and looking at what really is in our shop brought products they managed to help people with a whole range of skin complaints such as eczema.

I decided to give them a try with their 100% natural beauty balm. With some of these balms edging towards the £30 mark – ekk! – this £12.95 was very welcomed. The ingredients list is very simply 100% plant oils and that is exactly where the fragrance comes from too. So the saying that everyone needs to remember ‘oil dissolves oil, like dissolves like’, knowing this you can be reassured it will remove any make up, grime or dirty sebum and oh my it does exactly this! there is no make up left on my skin at all after using this product. I have started using a cloth or if I need something quick I wet some organic cotton pads and use them to wipe of the excess oils, giving my face a quick splash at the end to ensure everything has been removed.

The great thing about this product also is you don’t have to use it to remove unwanted dirt off of your skin, my skin has been feeling a quite dehydrated and in need of extra nourishment this week from feeling under the weather and this little gem has helped me ten fold. I felt as soon as I used it, there was a shine to my skin again and it feel super soft.

It is also worth noting it is suitable for all skin types and even vegans, which is great! The main ingredients I think are worth noting are the beautiful raw shea butter, a whole host of oils including jojoba and natural vitamin E, together with Calendula flower extract (I jump a little with joy when I see this nourishing little gem on an ingredients list).

So to wrap this up, I would definitely recommend this product, from its lovely background story where you can actually imagine it being made and brought straight to your door, to the fact it actually works wonders and is a price tag that you cannot argue with.


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