Organic Hair Dying… Who knew there was such a thing?

Just be prepared if you are going to start using organic hair dye for those chemical lovers to give you a little smirk and look at you like you have just said the craziest thing of 2017.

My journey into healthier hair dye began a few years ago when the damage to my hair was becoming pretty horrendous and being a blonde I would come out of the hair dressers with my scalp feeling slightly sore (I am not allergic but it was the high chemical volume on delicate scalp) and my hair breaking/feeling stretchy.

I would feel guilty that for my skin and body I was reading labels but every couple of months allowing nasty chemicals to enter my bloodstream and damage my hair. So I went to a hair salon which specialised in organic hair dye and products, which is where I found Organic Colour Systems.

Their promise to create hair dye with no parabens, resorcinol or the horrendous ammonia – nasty product that causes the cuticle of your hair to lift up so the dye can work but thus damaging your hair in the same way as lifting bark from a tree. They are a company close to home being British born and use minimal chemicals.

hair dye 1.JPG

So the results… changing over was the best thing I have done for my hair. To ensure the results work there has to be a level of chemicals but to know the ingredients are GMO free and of organic standard you know you are onto a winner. The salon use Organic Colour Systems hair care as well and I would leave with no breaking or stretchy feeling of hair, my scalp would be absolutely fine and over time my hair has become fuller and stronger.

It is worth giving another company a quick shout out who I feel, their products are of a slightly more advanced and higher standard and that is Oway. Before I moved to London the salon I was at changed over to this brand and it was amazing!

So if you are considering this move, please give it a go. Your hair will thank you ten fold and if you are worried about it covering those pesky grey hairs, speaking to others in the salon they say it is brilliant at this!

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