Spring Cleaning those brushes…

This time of year is for all things spring… new life, daffodils and spring cleaning (well maybe)…

I have never met anyone who is not guilty of leaving those bushes to grow legs, jump in the shower and find a new home. I am by no means a brush cleaning angel and I would quite often be one of those people that would think this Sunday I am going to wash all my brushes and then it would continue for weeks.

I used to be asked on a regular basis ‘how do I clean my brushes’ together with ‘is it important?’. The fact of the matter is simply yes and I will quickly explain why together with how.

why do I have to do this boring task?

Dirty brushes are a breeding ground for nasty bacteria and this is turn can cause things such as a pesky outbreak. Your ‘rock solid from weeks of applications and includes probably about five bottles of foundation’ brush is going to be putting all of those horrible, dirty germs onto your skin. Like any workman and his tools, if it is not in its best state your work will not look as great as it could do. It always drags makeup or that patchy look!

How do I clean them?

So I always say to people you can buy brush cleaner – I have been using at the moment Bareminerals Conditioning Shampoo, which I find fantastic as they always feel like brand new brushes – AMAZINGGGG! Another tip if you want a slightly cheaper option is to use baby shampoo, its gentle enough not to damage but might make them ever so slightly fluffy. Whatever you do cleansers, shampoo or anything that harsh can destroy the glue and ultimately RIP brush. I had a lot of sad women who had to learn this lesson the hard way 😦 Also top tip – just mould them back into shape and leave to dry – absolutely no hair dryers!

So that’s all for now on brush cleaning 🙂 enjoy your beautiful brushes x

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