Ren – Moroccan rose otto sugar body scrub

If there ever was an evening my body and mind need recharging it is always after the working week on a Friday. That feeling of taking your work clothes off, throwing them across the room in a grand move to the world to say ‘YES two whole days off!!’. Coming from a beauty retail background I always longed for this Friday feeling day to arrive… and ohh it has!

This Friday in particular is calling for a bath time of luxury after a lonnnng week. In order to help with this bath time ritual I invested in some beautiful extras to my array of cosmetics. For me any scrub cannot contain micro beads as it massively goes against my beliefs so Ren’s Moroccan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish was perfect. Immediately after opening the lid you are completely lost in the beautiful fair trade natural rose extract that itself has made the journey from southern Morocco. The sugar itself comes from Paraguay which will help to remove those dead skin cells and you can also have the benefit of Kola nut and Paraguay tea extracts to help add further nourishment and encourage circulation (always a good thing to keep your skin looking bright and youthful).

The way to do this little gem is to massage the product into dry skin before washing it off in the shower or bath. Now if you felt it a little on the rough side, depending on how you like your exfoliators then I always find if you wet your skin slightly then start rubbing it on, that helps to take the edge off… however you will always get slightly better results on dryer skin and this product does slightly dissolve once wet.

Yes, you may feel a little gasp at the £32 price tag but the way I work around it is I have a cheaper one for most of the time and use this one less frequently. However, you do not need a huge amount and even if you use this once a week, it will still last you a really long time at 330ml.

After my skin feels super soft and nourished! It is quite oily (which you may have guessed anyway by the name) so be sure to wash it off quite well if you do not like the feel of product on your skin, although I love leaving it to soak into my skin over night. Overall I am definitely impressed and it has the magic touch of for a moment there slipping away into your very own spa – well until someone bangs on the bathroom door wanting to use the toilet. We can’t have it all though can we? 🙂

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