Skin Blossom -Moisturising orange and argan body lotion

My array of skincare could often be mistaken for having an uncanny resemblance to the face care isle in Boots. I am sure many of you would also agree to this. However your poor body maybe only gets one bottle if its lucky (and extra lucky if you even remember to actually apply it).

I am more than happy to pay for a good moisturiser for the skin on my body, however who would not love if you could get the results, have no harmful chemicals in sight and also be a fraction of the price? I see lots of hands come up in the air!

This is where Skin Blossom came into play. While online researching I saw a company who was stamped with Organic Soil Association seal of approval, with up to 83% organic ingredients and at £7.55 I could not resist to pop it in the basket.

  With the scent of orange creating a fresh natural fragrance, argan for repair, almond and avocado oil to moisturise and cocoa butter to soften. Free from all those usual hidden nasties such a parabens, PEGS and silicones.

I have to say I am super impressed with this body lotion. When applied, it sinks in easily however also feels as though my skin is moisturised all day long. Time span – has lasted me for months so far and I still have mountains more to go. So if you are looking for something that is not going to take a quarter of your pay check but still very adequately moisturise and be good for you… what are you waiting for? 

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