John Masters Organics – Evening Primrose Shampoo…

John Master Organics… I fell under their spell a little while ago now. I use them as ‘go on you deserve it’ hair care or up the top of the old Christmas list. An American company, John masters has over 20 years of creating chemical free hair care. So you can expect by now they have well and truly mastered (no pun intended) the whole process to create first class products.

The aroma from the essential oils is nothing less than stunning and it completely wakes up your senses. Gazing at the ingredients list if I tried to list all of the unbelievable hair loving wonders, I would be writing this post till next Sunday. An over view I can do however and the beautiful evening primrose adds moisture and strength to your hair – perfect for dry and damaged hair. The almighty hyaluronic acid, found in abundance in younger hair, is surely an absolute must have for hair in need of repairing. Lastly, a whole array of organic certified oilscomplete hair food!

So what did I find I hear you say? The no SLS means it is ever so slightly less foaming so you end up using a little more, however I find if you just add a little more water to your hair while foaming it up, that will help it on its way. After my hair feels so much more nourished using this shampoo and slightly more bouncy, which is my fave as I forever attempt to try and obtain the messy, volume hair look (with great difficulty but I will not give in).

Altogether I cannot fault this brand. I will always have a soft spot for John Masters Organics and continue to recommend. If you are worried about the price slightly (although I have definitely seen a lot worse… you know the ones that make you gasp like Victor Meldrew ‘I don’t believe it’ style. Now every ones hair is different and I cannot speak for everyone but if you fancy a little dabble, go on treat yourself however I warn you, you maybe become addicted ♥

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