Laidbare – Pack your Bags Eye Cream

Give me all the eye creams in the land… I absolutely love them! There are two reasons I will never be without one.

Firstly, this pesky thing called age, what is actually the deal with that? One day your 18 and you are the none the wiser so face wipes are your only skin care expense and POOF hello 30! I will attempt everything within my natural power to try and halt my eye area from the years.

Secondly, my body seems to dislike an early bedtime and equally an early alarm so therefore suffers from those morning icky under eye bags.

Laidbare is a beautiful brand that was founded by Sarah, who wanted to create natural alternatives that were not only effective but did not include the hefty price tag. To prove it, this product has an almighty cost of £7.99… O.M.GEE!

Firstly the tube is massive and when I say I feel as if this will last me a lifetime, I really mean it.

It includes wonderful ingredients such as almond oil (known for its dramatic effects on under eye darkness), Buckwheat (helps darkness but also puffiness), Green tea (for beautiful moisture), Shea Butter (the big ‘H’ for hydration) and eye bright (to er, well brighten the skin). What a pretty as a picture list of natural loveliness!

The results… I have to say I am pretty impressed, in fact absolutely amazed! My eye area used to get so dry throughout the day and now it is so much more hydrated even after only two weeks of use. I’m not saying my bags feel now look like I am sleeping 12 hours a night BUT it is a hundred times better! Honestly this product deserves an award for doing what it says on the tin and being affordable for all, while keeping all the chemical nasties no where in sight. For this, it’s a no wonder it has been given the name ‘Pack Your Bags’ as its result somewhat resemble a bit of R&R while sipping your cocktail on a sun lounger sort of feels…

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