The Natural Deodorant Company – Clean Deodorant Balm…

Those wonderful 24hr anti-perspirant , you never have to worry about the not so attractive smell… how amazing I hear you say! What you do have to worry about on the other hand is the great deal of damage they are doing to your body. That particular part of your body is one of the main area your lymph nodes allow toxins to exit, so you can imagine the absolute horror your body is having. you can often end up with blocked, little red bumps and what is worse is the toxins are then so close to your chest area with absolutely no where to go. To top this nasty little product off many of them contain parabens (a hormone disrupter) aluminium and alcohol to name a few – ewww!

So I am on a slight mission to get everyone I know to move onto more natural alternatives, which brought my search to The Natural Deodorant Company. I had tried and tested many products, trying to find one I could rely on and I could not wait to test this little pot…

The fresh natural fragrance of the lemon & geranium (they have a whole variety of smells available) immediately hits you and you simply, using a clean finger, scoop out a tiny amount and start to spread over your under arm area. One of the fantastic things about this product is how it instantly dries onto your skin. Including the mighty moisturising three – coconut, olive oil and shea butter, you will never have to worry about dry and irritated skin.

I cannot describe to you how happy I am with this product and with a price tag of £11 for the large glass jar, it is going to last for a lifetime – YES I hear you say!

I found I was no longer paranoid after a run for the tube or after you have been busting out your best Saturday night Beyoncé moves. You can fling your arms around like you just don’t care because this is the best natural deodorant I have come across so far.

They are vegan and totally handmade – while containing absolutely no hidden nasties because they are 100% natural! So honestly what are you waiting for? Make this cosmetic change and have happy skin and lymph nodes for ever more ♥

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