Ilia – Dress You Up Lipstick Crayon

So many lipsticks in my make up case but so much space for some new additions. Researching natural lipsticks for a little while now, I had come across multiple brands but I am a look, feel and touch shopper. Just like a dress you order of the internet and it comes looking like a sack of potatoes, I just found it hard to internet shop lip wear. The hair dressers I go to is based around organic living and hair care, with a small beauty shopping section added in. They know exactly what they are doing, within minutes of my hair foils being completed I like a bee around pollen – all over it!

The clean, stylish packaging of Ilia immediately stood out against its competitors and I tried nearly every colour and type of lipstick on my hand (which somewhat resembled a paint by numbers by the time I had finished), I chose the winning colour. A lover of red lipstick normally, I wanted something that was slightly more subtle and more ‘day’ wear.

So Dress You Up, a rose berry colour was the star to be put to the test. So what did I find? It glides on beautifully and feels quite matte when on. Pro to this – does not bleed (YAYYY), Con to this – can feel a little drying ( I put a little lip balm on underneath the following time). It does however boast top lip caring ingredients “of healing oils of Coconut, Sesame and Cranberry Seed”. It is 80% organic (how absolutely FANTASTIC is that?) and to top it off if you are vegan – do not fear they are completely beautiful and wearable!

I loved the colour!! It was perfect to just give you that bit more life and make you feel a little bit prettier for the day ahead. I would 100% purchase from this brand again and already have my eyes on a highlight, mascara and the lipstick. The pigment was I would say two thirds on the way to full, however from testing the normal lipsticks I would be in doubt they would be full of colour once on. It did not last hours and hours but in my experience for lip wear to do that, it ends up making my lips look like a dry bumpy road by the end of the day.

The only real downside for me, is I am a massive lip liner fan (could not find one that matched) and as this the product does not stay pointed for long, I found it quite hard to get a lovely precise line between my skin and lip, which is a pet hate of mine and you can probably see from the picture…

So if you are struggling to find a beauty brand that has beautiful lip wear that works and has packaging that will look ever so high end in your make up bag… I think Ilia will bring you days and nights of happiness.

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