Mount Purious – Camellia oil hair and face moisturiser

Face is dry… Hair is dry… Winter you are killing me slowly but surely! I feel like every wrinkle is saying ‘hello’ and to top it off my hair is a frizzy dehydrated mane. A trip to the local organic store and 4 products later, opps, I have myself a intriguing little blue bottle.

I decided to try Mount Purious a brand I knew a little bit about and after reading the ingredients list that consisted of ‘Camelina Sativa Seed Oil*. NOTHING MORE *100% organic’ I could not wait for my next hair wash.

This oil is not as heavy duty as its fellow family members, such as the ever so famous Argan oil. Being for the face as well and personally not wanting something that was so heavy it caused the fear of an outbreak but as super moisturising, this sounded a perfect all rounder.

Face wise, it was all about incorporating this little beauty into my night time routine (I find an oil to heavy to use alone under make up in the day… it all gets a little slippy slidey). It has a perfect little pump that gives you the exact amount you prefer. I would say one or two pumps max is more than enough. Gently massaging the product over my face it feels beautiful and is oily (of course) but not too heavy and is known not to clog pores, how wonderful. Bursting with Omega 9 and Vitamin E, this is made for even the most sensitive skins and delivers not only anti-aging properties but to top it off also has anti-fungal aspects!

Hair wise, as previous mentioned in posts, after years of heat damage and dying my hair blonde (even though I have moved onto organic hair dye now), I am forever trying to put nourishment back into my long locks. So the first mistake I made was to use too much… you only need the teenyist bit, spread between your hands and running it through from the pony tail downwards. Now I do use a leave in conditioner as well, I don’t want to lie, however that was already past of my hair repairing routine before adding this oil and oh wowww the oil really does make a difference when it comes to helping the tangled mess I am always left with after the shower.

Organic soil association approved, my good old fave, is just an added reassurance you are buying into a small but conscious brand that really care about their products and you. They are vegan and vegetarian friendly and I would definitely recommend giving them a little try. Really you are killing two birds with one stone and getting two products in one… and who doesn’t like that? A good excuse to treat yourself to another product, as its only fair really isn’t it? ♥

One thought on “Mount Purious – Camellia oil hair and face moisturiser

  1. As always, I love, love, love your recommendations! This post has led me to a lavish lunchtime spending spree in the beauty section of Whole Foods… I got this exact Mount Purious oil you’ve so wonderfully reviewed, as well as the Triology rosehip oil and Suti cleansing balm. My justifications: there’s a sale on, life’s too short to say no to treats, yesterday was Valentine’s Day (ain’t nothing wrong widda a litta bitta self love’) I’m in need of some pampering and if it’s good enough for you, it’s good enough for me! Keep up the great work xxx


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