1,2,3…4… Oh so many cleansers!

You walk to the skincare isle… so much choice you panic and play safe with the cleanser you have used since the age of 14. You go online and click the ‘cleanser’ tab 268 companies later and your brain feels like its about to explode. When did there become so many options?

So here are five types of cleansers and a little review to go with it.

Firstly the foam one… For me, this type of cleanser was part of my beginners skincare routine. That’s not saying you have to stop when hit a certain age, however I found the foaming type became to drying and started doing that dreaded facelift feeling (Yes I know we all love to feel we have gone back ten years in age but the damage it can do is definitely not skin friendly). I chose Sukin, an Australian vegan company, product before and was definitely not disappointed. So saw a this bottle and thought why not, it contains no alcohol or sulphate free and the ingredients, such as aloe vera and avocado are known for their nourishing factors. I think after not using a foam cleanser for a long time and my skin becoming dryer as I get older, I found it still to drying for my liking. Now to be fair, I do not think I am the target market for the ‘foams’ anymore and I have lost a little love for them BUT if I was still wanting to use a this type of cleanser, being quick and easy, while removing your make up and very reasonable in price, without any of the harsh ingredients, I would definitely consider this product again. Unfortunately I’m just not apart of the F-O-A-M cheerleading community anymore.

sukin 2.jpg

Secondly the oil one… I originally was a little scared of any oil on my face. Coming from someone who suffered breakouts and your lovely combination T-zone, the thought of putting oil onto my skin used to send shivers down my spine. ‘you want me to put oil, on my oils?… you must be mad’…Right? Wrong in fact, while completing my beauty course you quickly learn oil dissolves oil. I was intrigued and went ahead and tried Elemental Herbology’s little beauty, the Vital Cleanse, part of their radiance & vitality range. The smell is truly enchanting and if you close your eyes for a second you would believe you had escaped to a spa, which is helped by their use of no synthetic fragrances. Tending to place a little bit of oil into the palm of my hand, while gently warming the product before proceeding to gently massage the oil over my face. With an oil, I find your make up literally melts off and you always feel super nourished. This British company believe in caring for your skin inside and out and that is exactly how I felt. It gives you a deep cleanse while the ingredients stimulate cell turnover… What could be more wonderful!


Thirdly the exfoliator one… Now I am fully supportive of the ban of microbeads within cosmetics so for me it was a must have when looking for an exfoliator. With the use of jojoba beads and amazing price tag of £15 Ren, established in Britain, had me intrigued enough to hand my money over and give it a go. The peppermint added a refreshing but gentle feel to your skin and I tended to use this in the morning, so ensured a lovely wake up for those 6am alarms. The movement of exfoliating will increase circulation to your skin and remove dead skin cells ensuring your skin is looking more vibrant for the day ahead. To be honest in my opinion an exfoliator is a must have in any skincare routine, as it has so many benefits including over time reducing scaring and increasing cell turnover. This is not a make-up remover however, so I would not recommend its use for that aspect. I was thoroughly happy with this cleanser… it did what it said on the tin and you only needed a small little pea sized amount, which ensures you will have this product for months. I’m sure there are exfoliators that are all singing and dancing but when you are paying such a small amount together with Ren you know you are guaranteed to have no nasty chemicals in, I feel you can’t really go wrong.


Fourthly the cream one… This one can be a gentle cleanser for normally all skin types including sensitive, it is still worth checking the product though. I generally love the feeling of gliding them over your skin and not ever feeling that stripping feeling. The green people are another British company following an honest number on the front of their products so you know exactly how organic the ingredients are, this one being a fantastic 91%. At £18 this product advertises itself firmly as a make up remover and looking for something that would remove my eye make up as well as being able to use as a morning cleanser, I felt this one could kill two birds with one stone. So while wetting my cotton wool (helps to stop that dreaded dragging of your delicate skin), I pumped a small pea size onto the pad, spread it over the surface and began holding it for a few seconds before gliding gently over my stubborn eye makeup. Oh voila, my the black eye liner and mascara was removed, with a reasonable amount of ease. Having quite a sensitive eye area a slight redness occurred but generally this happens to me with the most gentle of products. With an impressive ingredients list that screams soothing and moisturising, including Organic Aloe Vera, Calendula, Shea butter, Squalane from Olive, Jojoba esters & Rose Geranium.

cream cleanser.jpg

Last but definitely not least, probably my favourite type of cleanser, the Balm one… Super nourishing, an unreal make up remover and generally an all round star! There are all different balms but they all follow a similar instruction. They can tend to be slight thick but warm up a small amount for a few seconds in your hand it immediately becomes a lighter consistency. The essential oils (if you use a natural brand) will resemble something of a spa like experience in your bathroom and if you find one you love the smell of, maybe take those extra moments of you time to breath in the aroma. Proceed to massage over your skin and using the included cloth, continue to remove the product. I did try a few days to remove the product with water but like with all balms it will be easier if you use a cloth provided. So I have used a few brands when it comes to this type of cleanser however I feel I am onto a winner with Suti. Organic soil association approved and a company whose ethos reassembles an air of mindfulness, I could not wait to try this product. On the menu is blended avocado, apricot kernals, sunflower and shea butter, my skin felt super soft and nourished. The essence of lime give a unique edge to the natural fragrance. Balms to me always feel anti-aging and I will continue to use one for many years to come.


So, I really hope this has helped and given a very quick over view of the types of cleansers on the market. I could easily talk about these products for pages, but then you will probably lose the will to live and not make it to the end without a supply of coffee. Here’s to finding the perfect cleanser for your skin ♥

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