January – 365 pages & 12 chapters of a whole new story

Well hello there January!

Having been telling myself for a couple of weeks “I can eat chocolate for breakfast… and maybe lunch… ahh I might as well have some for dinner now because it is Christmas” together with many a social drink – I have come to the conclusion December has beaten me. My gym wear has pretty much grown legs and left my ownership for someone who is going to show it a little more love.

For this I love January… 365 pages of a whole new book including 12 exciting chapters for you to fill however you wish. For me, my detox is beginning and (I can’t quite believe I am saying this) I am pretty darn excited about it. I equally cannot wait to share with you all the beautiful new products and companies I am lucky enough to come across on this natural beauty journey. Thank you for all the love and support on the @theloveofskin – Instagram, here on For The Love of Skin blog page and @TheLoveOfSkin – Twitter.

So good bye 2016, thank you for all your lessons, new beginnings and treasured memories and welcome 2017… Let us all make this year one of happiness, health and positivity (and of course good skincare routines) ♥

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