O-Way – Rebuilding Hair Bath

All the way to O-Way… This Italian brand is beautifully plant based and I feel so lucky to have come across them when I lived in my old city. Otherwise known as Organic Way they are reasonably new in this country, but don’t you love that? Stumbling across a company and it feels like your little secret.

I always will go for hair care that is for dry or damaged hair… even having my hair dyed organically it still some days feels like an uncontrollable lion’s mane. The Rebuilding Hair Bath was jumping at me with its intriguing list of exotic sounding ingredients. Biodynamic Iris – bursting with invigorating properties for dull matt hair, Ethical Teak -Strengthening your structure to the core, Ethical Mahogany – antiseptic and astringent for the skin that energizes your hair. Finish this all off with some lovely Organic Basil for moisture and protection and voila a bottle of amazingness.

The natural fragrance is so uplifting and I felt resembled a sort of aniseed smell, certainly waking up your hair in your morning shower. They believe completely in highest purity and this is easy to see with the two natural purifying treatments their water goes through. A company that goes to that far to bring people the cleanest or products, you know you are in very safe hands. Making sure there are absolutely no harmful chemicals to name a few that you will not see in the ingredients SLS, parabens and petroleum.

The difference to my hair while using this shampoo was positively stunning. My hair felt stronger and I knew the ingredients going into my hair were so beneficial for repairing the damage from modern day styling. I buy this shampoo as a little treat when I feel I have been extra well behaved or well, just because we all deserve a little special delivery through the door on a rainy Monday. I had to control myself not to buy the whole collection with my savings but I am determined to have tried many more of this brand one by one and our relationship will continue to grow.

They care as much about you as they do the planet and are recognised by PETA for their support against animal cruelty. Even the bottle is made to be reused against nasty plastic competitors. So if you are having struggling to find a way to healthy hair, I would definitely recommend you head the O-way.


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