Bareminerals Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydration Gel Cream

“I want to have a foundation but where it looks like my natural skin”. This is a sentence I would hear on a daily basis and for a long time in make-up land, it was just a dream. Then one sunny day Bareminerals launched Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream. This little product is the best of your BB, CC and tinted moisturiser all in one and includes a high SPF of 30 UVA and UVB. It is good to note as well that this is not a chemical SPF but titanium dioxide, what an added little bonus!

To give a slight background on normal tinted moisturisers and how they work. So, imagine you have a little bubble of pigment and another of hydration. Conventional tinted moisturisers put the pigment on the outside and hydration on the inside, therefore it can never fully get that vital hydration into your skin as it is blocked by colour. Bareminerals completely switched this up and put the hydration as the outer layer, boasting a 215% hydration boost to your skin if worn up to a week or more.

You are left with a glow and dewiness that is just lovely and holiday beach healthy. Not only that but the colour correct (CC) in this product is fantastic. I always feel like I have slight redness, which admittedly has calmed down greatly since banishing those pesky chemicals to the naughty step, however I still feel like my skin could be ever so slightly more even. I have seen with my own eyes how this product colour corrects more extreme redness and if anything, because the water is the first thing to hit your skin, the cooling effect alone helps sooth irritated skin.

As previously mentioned I do like a full coverage so I tend to wear this underneath my Original Foundation. However, when I am wanting that light more natural look this is the best product I have found by far. People often will not think I even have anything on and it makes my skin feel great.

Also a handy little tip I found is if you apply one layer wait a couple of minutes for it to settle (I know it is hard to avoid the temptation to not just whack it all on at once but there will be too much for it to set right and you will be forever blending and that is no fun for anyone), then apply another layer straight on top and voila instantly you have a medium level foundation that still appears incredibly natural.

Worry about wearing the wrong shade of foundation? Do not fear, because of Complexions Rescue natural look and blend ability means some people can go a shade or too darker if they wish and it will not like you have had an attack of the bronzing powder. You can get your shade so easily and they have a good range of cool, neutral and warm tones, so you will be highly unlucky not to be able to be matched perfectly.

The price is the middle range of foundation costs at £27. Some people will be shocked at this, especially if you have been used to paying around £6-£8 for your coverage. However, I always say there are two things a 100% worth paying for… Foundation and skincare! So, whether you love a natural coverage, do not want to spend hours getting ready or just prefer something that has skin loving benefits built in, please pop down to a counter and get colour matched as this beauty has something for absolutely everyone!

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