Green People – Anti-aging Eye Cream

So, I use two different eye products. My day time choice is always a lighter and more cooling product for example a gel that combats those pesky under eye bags and then my night time wonder, will be a more anti-aging nourishing cream. It is always good to bare in mind your eye area is super delicate, it’s important to find a product that’s going to be much gentler then your face cream.

I do love an eye cream… they are one of my favourite products and I feel so vital to battling either my late nights (because I seem to be incapable of an early bedtime) or the dreaded aging process.

While on my search I came across the Green People Anti-aging Eye Cream. I have used previous products from this company and I love their whole ethos plus that everything is easily labelled, even to the point of how organic each product is.

Using this little cream for a month I believe the price is so reasonable and I feel is up there with some of its competitors at much higher prices. The fact it is 87% organic together with not containing any hidden nasties plus it is for the most sensitive of skins even with particular concerns such as eczema or psoriasis.

Jam packed with ingredients targeting vital eye concerns, they have really thought about this little gem. Containing Seaweed – a super burst of hydration, Avocado – repairing antioxidants vitamin A and E and Evening Primrose – boosting circulation for tired eyes while containing fatty acids vital for your skins health.

This cream is super moisturising and if you wanted to use it day and night you could definitely do so as applying make-up on top would be easy to do as it has not got that oily feel.

Top tip to a question I used to get asked frequently about application… Only use the size of a grain of rice and then with your ring finger split the cream. Following this apply along your eye socket going from the outside inward all the way around in a circle.

Looking for an eye cream combatting all those areas of concern while full to the brim of natural goodness, together with not costing your entire months wage… then definitely add this little pocket sized wonder to your next skincare purchases!

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