Bareminerals Original Foundation

They say a large percentage of women will change their foundation every six months on that never-ending quest to find the perfect one for her skin!

When you have anything but a ‘normal’ skin type it seems increasingly difficult to find one that doesn’t show up flaky and uneven areas (if you have a dry skin type) or one that looks brilliant for five minutes then slides off your T-zone as if you put olive oil on as your primer (my skin type – combination).

Having worked in this industry for a number of years and being surrounded by multiple brands on a daily basis (as well as make-up talk being on the cards A LOT) you soon find out which brands are really worth the money and what is really important for your skin.

For me I wanted to put something on my skin that would not do the following:

  • Block pores while causing those dreaded breakouts!
  • Did not look like I had a layer of foundation that you would need a shovel to remove off of my face
  • One that actually matched my skin tone (trying to embrace the pale skin and not have someone match you to a shade that makes you look like you have moisturised your face with a dark shade of fake tan)
  • Also, as crazy as it sounds does not feel like I have a mountain of foundation on, that has me running for the sink to wash off as soon as I get indoors
  • Gives me a good coverage – yes I am one of those horrendous beings that does like a full coverage 🙂

So, there I am and this leads me to Bareminerals Original foundation. Now don’t get me wrong this transition from being a die-hard liquid girl to a loose powder was not an easy one. I was all ready to hate this product and run back and hug those little liquid bottles, however this was not to be the case.

I got matched to a fairly light, as even being pale I am a neutral tone rather than having a pink or yellow undertone. This was great and a perfect colour match! FINALLY!

Now it took me two weeks I would say to get this application really down to perfection but once I did I noticed very quickly my clogged pore breakouts were non-existent, it felt like I didn’t even have foundation on and I was getting compliments about how flawless my skin looked (which never had happened before). It was also lasting the full day compared to an hour with my previous liquids. YES I had done it! I had found an absolutely brilliant foundation and to top it all off its mineral based and there are absolutely no harmful chemicals for your skin! It is so natural that you could even sleep in it and it would do no damage (I was guilty of this after a couple of late nights- all in the name of research though of course) and I woke up to my skin feeling happy as Larry! Another perfect thing to note about this foundation is it is completely buildable, so if you like a barely there coverage or the full works, you can do either!

I have since recommended this product to multiple people who have absolutely loved this foundation, including a friend who previously would not wear foundation because of the feel of it on her skin.

For me a loose foundation does not get to number two in the make-up foundation category and win multiple awards against some of its big name liquid competitors if there is not something absolutely brilliant about it… this business is a tough category to be in and Bareminerals for me was the best decision I have ever made in this area and I would say if you are struggling to find a foundation, head to a counter and give it a try… what have you got to lose? You might end up being pretty amazed!

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