Neal’s Yard Remedies – Lavender Relaxation Set

Winter always feels like one of those times of year you need to take some more ‘me’ time… Before you know it the Christmas season springs upon you, your work to-do list is getting ever so slightly hideous and you suddenly feel like having to juggle these areas together family life, social life and working at that gym body for your little black dress is wishing you were Hermione Granger with a cloning spell.

Finding myself in this situation I ‘accidentally’ found myself in a Neal’s Yard Remedies store. Relaxation is what was on the cards and I was drawn to the lavender based set, which included an Aromatic Foaming Bath and an Aromatic Body Butter. Exactly what I needed…

Neal’s Yard Remedies are a British company, based in Covent garden, who are growing rapidly through reputation. They pride themselves on ‘honesty, integrity and transparency’ and have a long list of no no’s where their ingredients are concerned.

So to set the scene, there I am candles lit, perfect playlist on and bath filled with the foaming bath. The smell was absolutely beautiful and immediately made you feel those feelings of being in a spa. The whole room was filled with this aroma and as a rule this company uses no synthetic fragrances and reassuringly instead essential oil based, of which most are organic based. Everything about this experience made my uptight shoulders relax and breathing in the aroma just added to the sense of well-being.

Not quite finished treating myself I start using the body butter and what an amazing little treasure this was. Being a butter is slightly heavier duty then a lotion but in the winter, I never think this is a bad thing. It completely nourished my skin while the essential oils fragrance warmed the skin lovingly and I would definitely recommend spending extra time massaging any areas of tension.

The body butter has many well-known nourishing  ingredients that you would expect to see in a brand like Neals Yard Remedies… Aloe Vera, sunflower seed oil, shea butter to name a few and to top it all off with a little bow its organic soil association registered.

I know for me this was 100% what I needed that evening and I could not believe how it made me feel. It was such a reasonable price and I would whole heartedly recommend locking yourself away in that bathroom and giving a little treat to yourself… you know you deserve it.      

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