Noah- Sweet Fennel & Wheat Proteins Shampoo

Forever wanting long, healthy and silky hair my mission for hair care is never ending… for me I love voluminous hair (suffering from slight hair envy when I see mountains of beautiful hair pass me in the street). While topping all of this off with the fact I have coloured hair (blonde) but it is organically dyed which has been the best thing I did for my hair.

My last thing that has to be ticked off the list, it has to not way my hair down but needs to be seriously nourishing – needless to say I’m a pretty tough customer!

Amongst the mountains of brands with their bright, colourful packaging, there was Noah minimal and simplistic. This intrigued me…

The company sticks by the natural rules and features no nasties such as parabens, SLS, mineral oils, DEA or paraffin. Also containing varying essential oils in every product – just beautiful!

The particular shampoo I chose was the ‘moisturising sweet fennel and wheat proteins – for dry, brittle and dull hair’. Got to love putting protein back into your locks. Pluses about this product? Foams really easily, might sound crazy but for SLS free products it can be sometimes tricky.

When washing, it feels squeaky clean and to begin with I was unsure if it was going to be nourishing enough for my hair… however once I was out of the shower and done the usual follow ups, I dried my hair it felt completely soft! A month down the line it has proven to be a really good choice and my hair feels in better condition. It is much more affordable compared to some of its natural competitors that have the same ingredients lists.

I absolutely love this companies mission statement with lines like ‘We believe in respect towards oneself, towards others and towards everything surrounding us, as those values belong to everyone’. The more I have read about the company and how they truly put their heart into the products and want everyone to reap the benefits of using natural plant based hair care. If you want affordable, natural Italian haircare that leaves your hair lovely then I would definitely give Noah a go.  


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